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Since 2005 desert pool care has been serving the Havasu community. We are proud to be local and family owned and make it a point of pride that not only do we do business here, we also live here. How you’re treated matters to us and what you think of our service matters.

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“ In 30 years my pool has never looked as clean and clear. Very happy with this company ”

Danu Cd Designation

“ I have been very pleased with Poolcare service of my swimming pool. i Never feel like new before ”

Harum Murdik Designation

" Thank you for your great service. Your pool service is very reliable and wonderful.I would definitely recommend you to my friends "

Kumto Warming Designation

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Tying our full service pool experience with our customer service and decades of experience in the greater Havasu area, we pride ourselves in making our customers experience hassle free. We have found that by being full service, we can handle almost any issue that might arise quickly and efficiently.

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