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​At Desert Pool Care, we are careful about s​etting up a maintenance plan for your pool​. W​e will look at the size of your pool, your pool usage, and what exactly you would like from your pool experience. Everyone’s a little bit different and every pool needs to be treated a little bit differently based on how it’s being used and the different factors that go into the cleanliness of your pool.We hear from our customers all the time about what they are looking for in a good pool maintenance company.

One of the biggest concerns that our new customers bring up is dependability. If our customers ask for us to be there on Monday ​and​ that’s how we set up our agreement, and we show up on Wednesday​​​ when you potentially are using your pool or have company and guests over that are trying to use your pool​,​ that is not an ideal situation. In addition to having a very clear and straightforward plan on how we are going to take care of your pool and the services you can expect, we will be dependable and keep your pool in a pristine and beautiful condition. Because it is a pool and occasionally things can go wrong, we want you to know that we will be there if a situation does arise. So aside from our regular maintenance agreements and plans, you can call us for anything related to your pool and we will be there to handle it, we are not just a pool cleaning company. Here is what you can expect from our pool maintenance program.

Every week on the scheduled day for the pool service, we will evaluate the overall condition of the pool and the water. First we will net all the debris collected on the top, pull the basket filters in the skimmer and the pump filter, and then service as needed while checking all chemical levels on a weekly basis, to include Chlorine levels, pH temperature and alkalinity. 

Next, we will vacuum the bottom of the pool as needed and also do a visual inspection to ensure that there is no major additional service needed such as a pool shock algae treatments, or any potential leak or major repair. But, our service does not stop there! We will provide you with up to five pictures of your pool during the time of service, all the chemical levels and any chemicals added at that time of service. We will also note any deficiencies or potential repairs needed also accompanied by up to five pictures so you have a complete understanding of what is happening with your pool. Our complete pool evaluation will be sent to you within minutes of our service completion. 

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