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Salt Water Pool Maintenance

Saltwater pools are increasingly becoming more common ​in the Havasu area especially because ​some of our clients feel that they have some health advantage​s​ ​with​ fewer chloramines in the pool​. Saltwater pools ​​also have less of a chemical odor than a typical chlorine pool.​ ​At ​Desert P​ool Care we have the technicians and experience that you want to keep your ​saltwater ​pool filter​, ​pump and skimmer maintained and your pool in beautiful and pristine condition. 

​Saltwater Pool Maintenance​

Saltwater pools have extra components such as a chlorinator cell that will also need to be maintained and replaced as needed. Just like a standard chlorinated pool, saltwater pools need to be cleaned and maintained. You’ll have the same issues that can arise from lack of maintenance like cloudy water from a bad filtrat​ion system ​or lack of circulation from a faulty pump. It’s important to have the right team taking care of your saltwater pool and we think we’re just the people to​ handle your saltwater pool maintenance needs. If you have questions about your saltwater pool, please give us a call.

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