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Pool Tile Cleaning

Ideally our client’s pools are maintained and cleaned regularly through our pool maintenance program enough to where pool tile cleaning should be something that is rare. However, from time to time we come across customers who perhaps got their pool through the purchase of a home or their pools are just a little bit older. We’re here for you on those occasions. If you are having mineral and calcium deposits build up on your pool, and it is taking away from what could be a beautiful pool, maybe our pool tile cleaning service is an option you would like to consider. Please bear in mind, this is not a pool cleaning that you would think of when your pool maintenance is done on a regular basis. This type of pool cleaning involves us actually blasting media at your pool lining that’s safe for your pool.

Think of it as a deep clean. If the shine of your pool lining or tile is starting to dull or you can see build up of minerals and calcium on your pool, then maybe our team here at desert pool care can help. Give us a call, and let’s discuss what’s going on with your pool and if a deep clean is right for you!

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