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Pool Cleaning Service

Keeping your pool cleaned and maintained is the first step to making sure your pool is a place for you and your family and friends to enjoy your pool and hot tub. We will evaluate your pool usage to come up with a scheduled maintenance plan to keep your pool looking clean and crystal clear! We are more than a cleaning company that adds chemicals to your pool and does the basic cleaning that is the minimum standard for any pool cleaning. We will look at the pool and systems including the mechanical systems that support your pool so that as part of your weekly cleaning, we also consider your pool mechanical systems. Past cleaning, we want to make sure we are doing as much preventative maintenance as we can for things like your filtration and pump system. 

While some of our competitors might offer pricing on their websites just to give you different pricing when they get in front of you, we don’t do that! There are different variables that come into play when we are looking at building a pool maintenance plan for any of our customers. Some examples that can affect your pool cleaning and maintenance needs are things like: 

  • What size is your pool?
  • Is your pool being used in a VRBO or AirBNB system?
  • Is your pool used heavily or not very much at all? 
  • How old is the water in the pool?
  • Do your pets get into the pool? 
  • Just to say a few. 

These are all questions that come into play when figuring out what you need. 

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