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Pool Filter Service

There are some pretty good indicators if something is going wrong with your pool’s filtration system. There are some symptoms that you will see readily that will alert you that you might need to give the team here at Desert Pool Care a call. Those symptoms include: 

  • Water quality issues. 
  • A sudden increase or decrease in the water pressure.
  • “Fuzzy” filter cartridges.
  • Cracked filters. 
  • Your filter backwashes more frequently. 

Second to your pool’s pump, your filtration system is very important to the health of the water that’s in your pool and also the cleanliness. It’s important to note that filters are not supposed to be built to last forever. Your filter is part of the mechanical system of your pool, and over time they will need to be maintained and from time to time they’ll need to be replaced.

Sometimes our new customers think that a filter issue resolves itself because backwashing helped resolve the problem without any interference from an outside source. When it does not fix a filtration problem, that’s when we typically get calls here at Desert Pool Care. Our trained team know where to look for issues related to filtration and how to handle filtration problems for your pool. We’ll also be able to make the proper recommendation on whether or not your filter can be cleaned and or repaired, or if it needs to be completely replaced.

If you are an existing desert pool care maintenance customer, we will do our very best to prevent filtration problems from even arising. We regularly check and clean your pool’s filtration system as part of our maintenance service. 

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