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Pool Acid Cleaning

If you have a pool that has tile or stone, with a buildup of mineral deposits, metals from pool equipment, or as a result of poor water balance, or stains,  acid washing might be a cleaning option for your pool or spa to get it looking new and fresh again. An acid wash is a process that is not always understood by our customers. Many customers don’t even know it’s an option. We do need to be careful, not all pool surfaces are good candidates for acid washing. Acid washing will brighten your pool and give it a fresh and clean look, but it must be understood that a fractional layer of your pool surface is actually removed in the process of the acid washing. If you are experiencing these with your pool, acid washing might be good for you:

  • Stain build up from metals, minerals or chlorine that are just hard to get out or get rid of.
  • Scale or mineral buildup on the edges or in between tiles of your pool.

This type of cleaning is not something that can be done on your own. Inside Desert Pool Care, we have a staff member specifically trained on how to handle an acid wash for our clients pools. Safety and following a specific process is very important to the whole acid cleaning process for a pool. Our process entails three steps:

  • Draining your pool.
  • Acid washing your pool in a safe and proper manner.
  • Refilling and resetting your pool cleaned and ready for your enjoyment.

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